Monday, June 8, 2009

School convesation

A fourth grader and a fifth grader, both bending under the weight of their backpacks, met at the school entrance. Fourth grader complained about his book load. To this, the fifth grader replied: "What are you complaining about? If I will take one book from you, I will have twice as many books as you do. If you will take one of my books, then each of us will have the same number of books."
How many books each of them had in their backpack?


Anonymous said...

5 and 7

Maria said...

Very cool - the fourth grader had 5 books and fifth grader had 7.
My third grader and I discussed this in the car and came up with the same solution.
Dear anonymous - feel free to sign your name below the post or in a separate comment to get listed among best puzzle solvers.

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