Saturday, June 6, 2009

Job Interview

You are interviewing two job candidates in a row. First of them admits to you that he has heard how second candidate admitted to him in the waiting room that she is a liar. Can this first candidate be trusted?
Assume that everyone in this story is either chronic liar or truthteller.
(from the Mensa Genius Quiz Book 2)


Alin Grin said...

He is lying.
If the second candidate is a liar and admits to that then she is not a liar: False statement.
If the second candidate is a true teller and admits to being a liar. Then she is not a true teller: False statement
If the first candidate is a true teller and presenting this false statement: False statement.
If the first candidate is a liar and presenting this false statement : true statement.
So the first candidate is a liar.

Maria said...

Alin, very impressive analytical reasoning!
In fact you are so good that I would like to ask from you a big favor. Can you give the rest of the readers, the "simple mortals" or "logic geniuses who are just too busy" a small window to try to answer as well. May I ask you to wait one day before answering, and then submit your solution?
The more people will get to try our Puzzle Marathon, the more interesting the race will be. Thank you for understanding!

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