Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun Run

Two school kids, Ben and Mike, participated in a 100 meter Fun Run.
Ben lost by 10 meters. Mike, being a nice guy, took pity on his friend and offered him a 10 meter handicap on the next race. Meaning that he started 10 meters before the Start line and run 110 meters while Ben did 100 meters. Who won the second race? Please explain.


Peter Mesnik said...

Mike wins the second race if they run at the same speed as the first race.

Suppose it took 10 seconds for Mike to run 100 meters.

100m/10s = 10 meters per second

Ben's pace was slower:

90m/10s = 9 meters per second

In the second race the math would look like this:

Mike: 110 meters = time * 10 meters per second
Ben: 100 meters = time * 9 meters per second

Mike would reach the finish line in 11 seconds.
Ben would reach the finish line in 11.111 seconds.

Maria said...

What a great explanation!
Peter solves his third puzzle and dashes to a prize line.

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