Friday, May 15, 2009

Dividing Cells

You are doing a chemical experiment and you managed to create some cool growing substance where every cell is dividing by half every second creating two new cells of the same size as original. It takes just 15 minutes to grow half a glass of this substance from only one cell. How long would it take to grow a full glass of substance.


Motti said...

kinda 16 secs?!

Motti said...

Mio Culpa!!

15 min, 1 sec

(Al Stupido! This is how I got where I am)
(ps: I'm in the kitchen with 4 kids playing Wizard101 near me)

Maria said...

Cool. Just don't try growing this at home yet. It may fill the whole house in the next 15 minutes...

Anonymous said...

In one more second, it will fill the glass.

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