Thursday, May 14, 2009

Business Lunch

You are going for a business lunch with representatives of a company where many employees are known to be liars. Hungry and desperate to get an advice on what to order, you bluntly ask all three of them if they are liars.

The first one says, "All three of us are always telling the truth."
The second says, "No, only one of us is truthful."
The third answers, "The second man is telling the truth."

Well, whom can you trust from these three people?


Amy said...

None of them are telling the truth. The 1st person's statement got contradicted when the 2nd person said "No, only 1 of us is truthful". Then the 2nd person's statement got contradicted when the 3rd person stated "The 2nd man is telling the truth". That would mean that both the 2nd and 3rd person were telling the truth but the 2nd person had stated only 1 of us is truthful. Therefore, no one is telling the truth.

Maria said...

Welcome back, Amy.
Assuming you are the same champion puzzle-solving Amy, you are catching up with Rachel T very quickly. Great logical reasoning!

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