Friday, June 4, 2010

Enormous Lot

Over drinks in Vegas one Real Estate developer has been boasting about an enormous piece of land he got in Montana. According to the developer his land was in the shape of a triangle. One side of the triangle reached 200 miles from end to end. On each of the other two sides lot extended 100 miles from corner to corner. All of the listeners were impressed except for one. That woman merely laughed and said, "Why a lot of that size wouldn't even have to pay taxes where I come from."
Strangely enough, this woman was correct. How could this be so?

This puzzle is adapted from a book "Puzzle it out" by E. Richard & L. Churchill.

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tom said...

I think you've describe a straight line. 200 miles on one "side" and 200 miles on the other side. Tom

Jen said...

I agree with Tom - the sum of the two sides of a triangle have to be greater than the third - otherwise you have a line (if they're equal, as in this case) or an imcomplete shape.

Maria said...

Tom & Jen - you are right on. Something is wrong with this Real Estate developer. He either stupidly bought a thin stripe of land instead of the promised enormous triangle, or he is a careless lier. Do the math and check your land on Google Earth prior to making such purchases. Tom earns his 8th puzzle point.

Tom said...

And he also has a bridge he'll sell you. Tom

Unknown said...

(explanation from my children- 7 & 9). It would be really skinny.

Maria said...

Very cute and very true:

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