Friday, June 4, 2010

The Case of the Arctic Hero

Young man has been trying to impress his dancing partner at the high school prom. He told her about his father who participated in the Arctic Expedition. One winter day his father found himself on a piece of ice that broke loose and was drifting out to sea. He quickly realized that he and the his dogs would freeze out to death unless he started a fire. Alas, he had used up all of his matches. So, he got out a small magnifying glass from his instrument kit and, tearing off sheets from his Arctic Guide book, laid them on a steel instrument box. By focusing the sun's rays through the glass onto the paper, he started a hearty blaze. Fortunately, an ice cutter picked him and the dogs up after 24 hours. Young man was obviously very proud of his father, but the girl - his dancing partner - was rather suspicious. Why?

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This great puzzle is one of the Two-Minute Mysteries from D. J. Sobol book.


Tom said...

Very little sunlight in the Arctic in winter (and probably not the best time for an expedition either). Tom

Phil said...

There's NO sun in the Arctic in the winter.

Maria said...

You guys can detect any type of lies!
The girl was correct to be suspicious, sun disappears in the far North from October to about March. Given this, who know what other parts of the story may be invented.
Even though Tom was first to submit his answer, he already got a puzzle point today for Enormous Lot puzzle. Remember: only one solution per week. Let others try. Phil earns a puzzle point for this.

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