Monday, January 25, 2010

A Question of Collar

Buying a shirt for Valentine's Day? You thought knowing the neck size and sleeve length is enough? Turns out shirt collars come in different lengths and angles! Some are long and pointy, some are short and wide-angled.
Here are some presidents' necks in collars from New Yorker photographer Platon, shot at a United Nations meeting recently. All these men have been dressed with the help of a fashion adviser. Yet, their collar choices are so different.

How do you choose a collar?
What factors do you take into account to pick a collar for yourself or someone you know?

Do you consider the shape of your face?
Your height?
Pattern of the shirt or the tie?
Political affiliation?
Fashion trends?

Please enter your ideas about the math and fashion of shirt collar selection on our Family Puzzle Marathon page.


rachel_t said...

When shopping for a shirt for my husband, I am usually just happy to find the correct collar size and and sleeve length that I don't pay too much attention to the color/design let alone collar angle/length.

I suppose I should think more about it. I think I would consider head size, head shape and possibly fashion trends.

Maria said...

Take a look at these interesting women's collars from the Fall 2010 designer show. Feminine, soft yet professional look of 70th.
Trends: Collared

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