Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cake Violation

Someone in your apartment tasted the chocolate cake that you baked earlier and have been saving for after the dinner. Even more horrifying, the fork was left on the cake's plate inside the refrigerator. Questioning of all the inhabitants was not very helpful. Your son said, "I'm innocent - and so is dad." His sister said, "The grandpa did it, and my brother is innocent." Grandpa said, "I'm innocent, one of the kids did it as usual." Husband said, "I didn't do it and my daughter stayed in her room all the evening."

Who should not be getting the cake after dinner?

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Anonymous said...

mom ate it

Maria said...

Did you???
I would never leave the dirty fork inside the refrigerator. Unless I slept less than 5 hours. In which case I could even put it into the microwave.

Assuming that you did not do it and only one person from all those questioned is lying. Who ate the cake?

Kim said...

Grandpa did it.

He is the only one who didn't claim someone else was innocent. Everyone else spoke up for someone else in such a way that it creates a chain whereby there would have to be multiple liars if there was one liar -- except for Grandpa.

No cake for him.

(Of course, these things always confuse me - I mean if part of what someone says is a lie, do we have to assume that ALL of what they said is a lie)

bobsyouruncle said...

I think that the Mom has a daughter and a stepdaughter, and the daughter did it. The son's sister is not the dad's daughter.

Maria said...

Kim is right - grandpa did it. And she gets ahead with 30 correctly solved puzzles! I am sure Alin will be awake early tomorrow :)

Bobs - your idea is very interesting. Takes this puzzle on a whole new level of tele-novellas.

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