Saturday, November 14, 2009

Couples Night Out

Two couples: Phil and Rachel, and John and Linda, reserved tickets to attend a concert together. Unfortunately, John and Phil, have argued at work the day before and were not very eager to sit together at the concert. But each of them was OK to sit next to the other's wife. Linda was pregnant and needed to sit at the corner sit to be able to sneak to the bathroom if necessary without disturbing anyone. How should they divide the seats?

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Claire said...

I think its not as hard as the puzzle tries to make it... I believe they should sit in the order listed to begin with, with Linda having the aisle seat..

Phil can sit next to his wife Rachel, then John sandwiched between Rachel and Linda.

Phil Rachel John Linda. Not hard at all, since the puzzle doesn't say anything about not wanting to sit by their own wives, just each other.

Maria said...

You are right, Claire!

Tomorrow - a wonderful logical puzzle suggested by W.

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