Friday, November 13, 2009

A Coin For Museum

Natural History Museum in Manhattan started receiving enormous amount of calls after the movie "Night at the museum" was released. People wanted to take a tour of the museum, spend a night in the museum, see museum dinosaurs, ride a horse with Roosevelt or contribute some artifacts to the museum. Two new administrators were hired to answer the phone calls and screen legitimate offers. How did administrators decide what to take seriously and what not? Let's see. One of the administrators received a call from an archaeologist offering a golden coin marked 3 B.C. Shall the administrator invite the archaeologist to come and show the coin to the museum committee?

Image via Flickr by Waikay Lau.
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Kim said...

Don't bother with the museum committee. I think we should put the golden 3BC coin in the gift shop in the joke section. It would have been very hard to know that it was 3 years BC when it was 3BC.

Maria said...

A funny puzzle, right?
Assuming that this BC refers to Before Christ (and not British Columbia), no genuine artifact made in that time could be labelled with that at the time of manufacturing.
One more correct answer for Kim!

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