Monday, August 24, 2009

Twin or King?

Three friends are going on vacation together and to save money they decide to share one motel room. Shall they go for one king size bed or two twin beds? What would be the most comfortable sleeping arrangement? These are the only bed choices in this motel.

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Kalonni said...

It doesn't matter which they choose. A king sized bed is equivalent to two twin beds, so even if they pushed the twins together, they would have the same amount of space. The only difference would be if one of the rooms had a fold out couch.

Maria said...

Welcome back, Kalonni! We missed you.
How about something creative that would allow a bit more space per person?

Anonymous said...

We had this problem once, with our three boys, and ended up placing them across a king size mattress. It is 76" in width and 80' in length. So, 80" / 3 = 26.6" per child.


Maria said...

Those little daily puzzles life brings us.
Melinda is absolutely right in her creative solution. In fact, we had a similar dilemma a few months ago.
Twin size mattress is 39" x 80" or 39" x 75".
King is 76" x 80".
Sleeping perpendicularly on a king size is the most spacious arrangement if all the people are shorter than 76".

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