Sunday, August 30, 2009

Party Dilemma

I am organizing a birthday party for my husband and trying to figure out seating arrangement. If I would split all the guests across two long tables, one person will be left out. If I would seat all the guests in three big tables, one person will still be left out. Arranging for four equal tables, there still be one person left out. If I set five tables, four people will be left out. Six tables - one person left out. Finally, I see that splitting all the guests across seven tables will work perfectly. How many guests are invited to this party?


Alin Grin said...


Barry said...

I agree with Alin - 49, unless we're supposed to count you and your husband too (you're not going to stand all night, are you?), in which case it's 47 guests.

Maria said...

You both are absolutely right.
I am back from vacation and preparing for the party that is really happening tomorrow. By the way, puzzles will serve as centerpieces on every table. All about my husband and his life adventures. Should be interesting conversation starters...
And now, with your help, I know how many people are invited.
New puzzle will be posted on Sunday.

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