Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoe Mystery

Life is a Puzzle. Just stop to observe and you will notice puzzles winking up at you at every corner. Here is an email that just arrived into my mailbox from my daughter's camp:
"One of the campers in group E, went home this afternoon with the wrong shoes. He came to camp in mostly-white Stride Rite sneakers, about a size 10, and returned home with size 12 white and orange sneakers. Can you let me know if your camper is missing these, or came home with the Stride Rites? The other sneakers will be brought back to camp tomorrow."
The puzzling question is: how did the owner of size 12 shoes got home in the size 10 shoes? It seems that no extra pair was discovered at the camp. Any creative solutions are welcome.

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Kalonni said...

Maybe he liked the way they looked and convinced the other kid to trade... lol. I'm more curious to know how a child who wears a size 12 could have gotten his/her feet into a 10...

Maria said...

This is exactly what I was wondering about.
A person with size 12 feet going home in size 10 shoes without noticing any obvious discomfort. Could there be a third party or third pair of shoes involved?

rachel_t said...

Kids feet grow way too fast. I took my daughter in to get new shoes after about 3-4 months and her new shoe size was 1.5 sizes larger than what she had on.. I felt so bad, but she had never complained about the comfort of the shoes! Maybe the child who went home with the size 10 shoes had a parent who bought shoes for him/her to grow into and the 10s were a better fit?!

Maria said...

This looks like a very possible scenario.
Another option is that the owner of size 12 shoes had flip-flops in his bag and went home wearing these flip-flops and put Stride Rite sneakers in his/her bag.

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