Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mother-in-law's Bag Fetish

Most of us have some kind of fetish. For me, it is hats and cups. For my friend, Jane, it is shoes. My mother-in-law, could not return from a store without buying a bag: red or brown, big or small, leather or plastic. She loves them all. However, she would deny her having a bag fetish and claim that she is using them all as gifts. So, judge by yourself.
When asked recently "How many bags do you have?", she answered:
"Three quarters of their number plus three quarters of a bag."
How many bags does she have and does she really have a fetish?

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Anonymous said...

the answer is 3: 3/4x3 + 3/4=3

the fetish-less mother-in-law

Maria said...

Wow! This was indeed my mother-in-law, Hila.
With a bit of my husband's help :)
He was visiting her today and showed the puzzle.

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