Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom's toasts.

Mother makes tasty toast in a small pan. After toasting one side of a slice, she turns it over. Each side takes 30 seconds. The pan can only hold two slices. How can she toast both sides of three slices in 1 ½ instead of 2 minutes? (from B.Kordemsky)

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Maria said...

I received four answers. Tonya (from NY) solved this puzzle first and will get a prize.

The answer:
Mother puts two slices in a pan; after 30 seconds she has toasted one side of each. She turns over the first slice, takes the second from the pan. and in its place puts the third slice. After the second half minute the first slice is done and the other two are half done. In the last 30 seconds she finishes the second and third slices.

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