Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baker's Shop.

Three women were at the baker's. The first bought half the bread on the shelves and half a loaf more. The second and third women did the same. When they had all gone, the baker shut up the shop, as he had sold out. And he hadn't needed to cut a single loaf in half. How many loaves did he have on his shelves to begin with? (from Diagram Group)

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Maria said...

Laura from NY solved this puzzle at 5.35AM !! She admitted to being jet lagged...

The answer:
Baker had 7 loaves. The first woman took 3.5 plus half a loaf - 4 total. There were 3 loaves left. The second woman took 1.5 and half a loaf, so there was 1 loaf left. The last woman took half a loaf and another half a loaf, leaving nothing.

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