Friday, May 2, 2014


Lets try as an appetizer the riddle my coworker shared with me:

  1. The more you take from it, the larger it becomes. What is it? 

And now munch on a few number riddles sent by Lulu:
  1. I am worthless as a leader, but when I follow a group their strength increases tenfold. By myself I am practically nothing, neither positive nor negative. 
  2. A word I know, six letters it contains, subtract just one and twelve remains.
  3. Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it, five in the middle is seen. First of all figures, the first of all letters, take up their stations between. Join all together, and then you will bring before you the name of an eminent king. (hint: use non-Hindu-Arabic numbers)
They are short but not necessarily easy. You can ask your kids for help. Please reference puzzle numbers in your answers. The answers are accepted any time until midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, on our Family Puzzle Marathon

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Jerome said...

1. Hunger
2. Zero
3. dozens
4. David

The only ones I'm really certain of are numbers 2 and 4. One is especially hard and 3 may or may not be what you are looking for. The only reason I choose hunger is because you used the word appetizer which suggests food.

Here is a link to bunches and bunches of these things. Something old and something new.

SN said...

1) Negative number
2) Zero
3) Dozens

Anonymous said...

1) A Hole or a Gap
2) Zero
3) Dozens (minus the s, we get dozen)
4) DAVID (using Roman numerals, 500=D and 5=V, first of all figures is 'I' and first of all letters is 'A')


Annie said...

1. A hole

2. Zero

3. ???


#3 was hard! Tried tricky stuff with Roman numerals, spelling out numbers, taking letters "o", "n", and "e" out of words to find XII or whatever. I give up!

Anonymous said...

riddle answers:
Q1) It is a hole. The more you take from it, the bigger it becomes.
Q2) The number 0. Not positive or negative & acts as stated in the question.
Q3) The word is DOZENS. Take away the S & a DOZEN remains.
Q4) The king is King DAVID -- using Roman numerals & the letter a.


Jerome said...

Three should be dozens. Take off the s and it is dozen which is 12.

Jerome's wife said...

riddle #4 I am no good at this at all, but I tried putting in 500A5A500 and coming up with King Asa

Maria said...

And the intended answers are:
1)hole or pit. the more you dig - the larger it becomes.
4) DAVID (with Roman letters)

I will give 2 puzzle points to everyone who did at least two of the puzzles.

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