Friday, April 4, 2014

Must See Movies

One friend is telling another:
- I am going to recommend you 5 movies each of which will completely turn your life upside-down.
One month later:
- Did you see my movies?
- Yes, I did.
- What do you think?
- Oh, I should have stopped after the ....

Your task is to complete the last sentence and provide the explanation to your answer.
This puzzle came from my co-worker Ira.

Your thoughts and suggestions are accepted any time until midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, on our Family Puzzle Marathon


Anonymous said...

My first answer is that the friend watching the movies should have stopped after the 2nd or the 4th movie. If each movie turns your life upside-down, stopping after an even number of movies, your life would be right-side up again, which is what most people would want, at least I think so.
Maybe there is more to this puzzle than that, but this is my answer for now.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the first movie and not liking it, then it may be an anomaly. After not liking the second, it is starting to form a pattern but still there is some doubt. After 3, there is a definite pattern.


Anonymous said...

We're a mom and daughter team from North Carolina. We think that the friend said "I should have stopped after the fourth movie" because since each movie turns the friend's life completely upside down, every two movies puts the friend's life back in order again. Four movies maximizes the pleasure without leaving the friend's life in tumult. Unless of course the friend was deeply unhappy to begin with and wanted his or her life changed.

Meg and Fiona from North Carolina

Anonymous said...

SteveGoodman18 says - I should have stopped after the 4th movie. That way my life would be right-side up after watching it. I suppose I could have stopped after the 2nd as well!

Jerome said...

I'm going to be a bit dense and give the obvious answer. You should stop after the first one.

The first one turns your life "Upside Down" --- a direct change.
The second turns your life back to where it was -- right side up.

The odds go one hundred 80 degrees from where you started.

The evens go one hundred 80 degrees to the upside down position.

At 5 (or any odd number) you are turned upside down.

You could watch all 5 movies and be upside down from where you were or ...
You could stop after the first one and be in the same place.

But how much fun is that? The 5 movies that would do that to me would be ...

1 Shindlers list.
2 The notebook
3 The Pawnbroker
4 A walk to Remember
5 Charly

I have a minor study of womens books and movies and I find the literature written by Females to be very uplifting.

If I have to go in the other direction, that would be much harder.
1. The Blind Side
2. Dances with wolves (Won't watch a second time).
3. Million Dollar Baby (Terrific Movie. So well done. The Chemistry between the three principals is such a delight and so uplifting -- even with the terrible climax.)
4. The Passion (never seen and won't either. Christ would have been forgotten 14 minutes after His death if that's all there was to him.)
5. Westward the Women. (Very uplifting. Actually any Capra Movie -- he wrote this one -- could be put in this list. I'm a huge fan of It's a Wonderful Life. Mr. Deeds. It happened one Night. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington -- Do we ever need Capra like people now.)

There are about 1000 other movies I could have chosen.

Nilangini Gupta said...

4th movie. That way I can watch maximum number of movies that you recommended and still keep my life the way it is now :)
This is because each movie turns my life by 180 degree. So, after the 4th movie, it will be back to the original position.

Jerome said...

Oops. This depends on whether or not you want your life upside down. If you do, it's the first movie. If you don't, you should stop after the second one. My first answer reflects the fact that I want to be left in a changed state.

Jerome's wife said...

I should have stopped after the movie about a successful heist of the Crown jewels. I wanted to know more about disrupting forcefields which was what the robber used to remove the jewels from their resting place in the Royal Museum. The other movies, were all about foiling technology for great gain, like opening a “a fail safe” safe. One would have to have a very agile mathematical mind.

Maria said...

And the answer is.... 2nd or 4th movie. Even-numbered movies that will return your life into the original state after the odd-numbered movies turn it upside-down. I will be strict with this one and give puzzle points only to those who hit it: TracyZ, Meg & Fiona team, SteveGoodman, Jerome and Nilangini. Jerome - thank you for the movie list.

Anonymous said...

If you watched the first movie twice your life would be in the original position. If you watched any other movies in between….what would happen? If you are already content with your life would you watch ANY of these movies? Or watch enough to return your life to the original starting point - but your life would have been affected by the contents of the movie/s. If you had a movie marathon and watched all of them in one sitting - other than a sore butt - what would you have? Why jump off the ride mid-stream - ride it to the end!

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