Friday, January 17, 2014

A Homeland Puzzle

We started watching these series a year ago after they got great reviews in the media and among our friends. It took us a few episodes to get into the drama but the excellent acting and unexpected story-line twists turned us into addicts. Occasionally, I nervously rushed to the news in the mornings expecting last night's episode events to have happened for real and wanting to know what was next.  After the dramatic finale of the season 2 we were orphaned, left on our own for the summer.

By September of last year, our renovations drama replaced the Homeland emotions and we have completely forgotten about the promised continuation of the series and missed the beginning of season 3. Luckily on Thanksgiving a friend uttered something that made me remember these great series.  On December 1st, we started catching up, watching the previously aired season 3 episodes 5 days per week while each of the 12 episodes of this season was released weekly on TV starting from September 29th.  My question is whether we were able to catch up with the TV releases and watch the season 3 finale, biting our nails, on December 15th on Showtime or we missed it and a co-worker spoiled the suspense next day at work.

Your thoughts and suggestions are accepted any time until midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, on our Family Puzzle Marathon. You can also email me your drawings to


Katrina said...

Your coworker spoiled the suspense the next day at work. You were a day late, literally!

Episode # Orig. Air Date Catch Up
1 29-Sep 1-Dec
2 6-Oct 2-Dec
3 13-Oct 3-Dec
4 20-Oct 4-Dec
5 27-Oct 5-Dec
6 3-Nov 8-Dec
7 10-Nov 9-Dec
8 17-Nov 10-Dec
9 24-Nov 11-Dec
10 1-Dec 12-Dec
11 8-Dec 15-Dec
12 15-Dec 16-Dec

Jerome said...

I think I'm going to get this wrong. You have eleven episodes that must be aired before Dec. 15 starting on Dec. 1. Did I understand the problem correctly? In addition, you have 10 episodes that that can be shown in 10 days (5 every 7 days I think is what you mean) so I would say that you will miss one. But I really may have missed the point.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Homeland (I only get local cable stations at home), but now I am intrigued. I may have to check out the series.

If you started catching up on Dec 1st and watched the already aired episodes one episode per day for 5 days a week, it's possible that you may have completed the 11th episode in time to watch the season finale (episode 12) live on Dec 15th without skipping an episode.

The problem didn't explicitly state that you would watch only one episode per day (5 days/week) to catch up, but that was my assumption. (However, when I am catching up on a series I've missed episodes for, I personally often watch 2-3 episodes in 1 day to do so, and the shows go so much faster without having to sit through commercials.)

If you watched just one episode a day for 5 days a week, for the 2 weeks before the season finale, the question of whether you will catch up in time for 12th episode on Dec 15h depends on whether you consider a week to start on Sunday or on Monday.

If you consider the week to start on Sunday, and therefore Dec 1st to the first day of a new week you will have only gotten through episode 10 (2 weeks * 5 days/week * 1 episode/day = 10 episodes) before the finale airs.

If you consider the week to start on Monday, and Dec 1st to be the last day of week, you will get through episode 11 in time.
Dec 1st -- episode 1
Dec 2nd-8th - episodes 2-6
Dec 9th-14th - episodes 7-11
Dec 15th -- watch finale live


Anonymous said...

The answer to this one depends on which day your weeks start with(Sunday or Monday). If your week begins with a Sunday, you'll miss the finale on dec15th as you would have only watched 10 episodes in the two weeks time prior to that. However, if your week starts with a Monday then you'll catch the finale on show time as you would have watched the first episode on Sunday, dec 1st and then watched 10 other episodes in the following two weeks (dec 2nd to 14th) just to make it in time for the finale on the 15th.


Maria said...

We did miss the finale and a co-worker accidentally revealed the storyline the morning after.
You are right - I assumed that the week is Sun-Sat as marked on my laptop calendar.
A puzzle point for all who played.

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