Friday, October 9, 2009

Mystery at the Bar

Two people came to the bar. The barman trying to get even for some past deeds, poured exactly the same poisonous drink for each of these people. Both visitors sat at the bar, unaware of the evil plot. One of them gulped his drink very fast, another was sipping very slowly. When the slow drinker finished his glass, he fell off the bar stool and died. Why the fast drinker survived?

Submit your answer on our Family Puzzle Marathon site. Solve three puzzles and get a prize!


Claire said...

The poison was in the ice. The first person gulped theirs, not giving the ice time to melt and therefore not be ingested. The person who slowly sipped theirs let their ice melt and they got the poison.

Maria said...

Hey Claire, you are absolutely right. Welcome to this marathon. Look for a new puzzle tomorrow morning.

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