Monday, April 20, 2009

White House Dinner

Three White House chefs can prepare sixty-person dinner in six hours. Two of the chefs caught a virus and had to stay at home. Will the remaining chef be able to prepare tonight's dinner for one hundred and twenty people all by himself?


Amy said...

Assuming that they all work at the same speed then it would take 12 hours for 1 person to prepare dinner for 120. I sure would not want to prepare dinner for 120 by myself in 12 hours, but I guess it could be done. Here is how I came to this answer. In order to see what the workload for one person was I divided everything by 3. 3 people/3 = 1 person, 60 dinners/3 people = 20 dinners per chef, and 6 hours/3 people = 2 hours each. So one chef can prepare 20 dinners in 2 hours. 20/120= 6 and then times that by 2 hours = 12 hours. I sure hope I got that right. Let me know if I made a mistake on it.

Amy said...

Oops, I think I did make a mistake. I should not have divided the 6 hours by 3 because it takes 1 person 6 hours to prepare 20 meals (unless they do 2 hour shifts with the given info of 3 people, 60 meals, in 6 hours). So it would take 1 chef 36 hours to prepare dinner for 120 people. 20/120 = 6. 6 X 6 hours = 36 hours which is not possible.

Maria said...

She did it again!
Bravo, Amy, for the correct answer and great explanation.
New tricky puzzle is coming at midnight.

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