Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mysterious behavior.

NY apartment building supervisor noticed that a boy who frequently visited his grandparents always rode to 9th floor and then walked up to the 15th floor where his grandparents lived. On the way down boy always rode elevator all the way from 15th to the ground floor. What can explain this suspicious behavior.


Nicolas said...

Hint: when it rains the boy gets up to the 15th floor on the way up.

Maria said...

Now I am puzzled. It seems that on the other side of Atlantic where Nicolas is from (Paris, France) lives another solution to this puzzle. Your hint does not work with the answer I had in mind.
This gets to be interesting!

Submit any solution - as long as it makes sense.

Nicolas said...

When it rains in Paris everybody carries around an umbrella. This does not just offer protection against rain, it is also a convenient tool to reach high points when you happen to be a small boy in a big elevator :-)

Maria said...

What a great twist to this puzzle!
You, French, always knew how to use your accessories. Scarfs, bracelets, bow ties and even umbrellas.

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