Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post-election Party

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Mid-term elections. 2010. You did it! Yours and others volunteer work and donations placed your candidate at the post. Supercharged with excitement you are celebrating at the post-election victory party. Unfortunately, you are also exhausted and can't locate your watch. When you ask an attractive woman next to you what time it is, she presumes you are drunk. "Let's see if you are capable to drive" she says. "If you stay an hour longer, it will be three time more past midnight than it is now. What time is it now?"

Note: your answer won't be visible untill Saturday morning. Everyone who answers correctly will get a puzzle point. These are new rules of our Family Puzzle Marathon. Solve 5 puzzles and we will send you a prize. Solve 10 and we will write a puzzle about you.


Tom said...

1230 am, or 0030. In another hour it is 0130. Tom

Tom said...

And the formula I used is
1 plus x = 3x
x being the number of hours it is "now" after midnight.

Kim said...

In an hour it will 3x more past midnight than it currently is.

Algebraically, that is:

Let x=current time

x + 1 = 3x
1 = 2x
.5 = x

It is currently 12:30am, or a half-hour past midnight.

In an hour, it will be 1:30am, or 1.5 hours past midnight.

yogini said...

It is one hour longer past the time it is now. Divide one hour by 3 and that is 20 minutes. Add 20 minutes to one hour since it is more than it is now so it would be 1:20 A.M.

GB said...

The Yogini was my wife who had already logged onto Google. Mine is GB.


Wang said...

The time is 12:30. If its 30 minutes past midnight now, in an hour later, it will be 90 minutes past midnight (3x more past midnight than it is now)

kj said...

The time is 12:30 a.m., which is 30 minutes past midnight. If you stay an hour, it will be 1:30 a.m., which is 90 minutes past midnight.

Suppose it is currently x minutes after midnight. One hour later is 60 + x minutes after midnight, which will equal 3*x minutes after midnight.
60 + x = 3*x
60 = 2*x
x = 30

Donna said...

It is now 12:30 AM....or 30 minutes past midnight. In one hour it will be 1:30 or 90 minutes past midnight.

Pat said...

The time is 12:30 am. It is currently 1/2 hour after midnight. In one hour, it will be 1 1/2 hrs. after midnight or 1:30 am.

Maria said...

It is 12.30am and Tom, Kim, Wang, kj, Donna and Pat each get a puzzle point. GB - you were very close. New puzze - next week.

Now, that previous answers are hidden, and time to answer extended for the whole Friday, you can offer your children and friends an opportunity to answer and get a point as well.

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