Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Working Holiday

This may have happened to you. Take Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day - or any other holiday observed by your child's day care but not observed by most of the private companies. If both, you and your spouse, work and you have not arranged for a babysitting, you are facing a puzzling day. Could you manage? Assume that your child sleeps 10 hours at night and naps 2 hours during the day. You and your spouse each need 8 hours of sleep in order to function responsibly. Is it possible for you to split the day so that both, you and your spouse, will each squeeze a full 8 hour working day and split childcare?

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Katrina said...

Yes, fairly simply:

Child Mom Dad
0:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
1:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
2:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
3:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
4:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
5:00 Sleep Work Rest
6:00 Play Work Mind
7:00 Play Work Mind
8:00 Play Work Mind
9:00 Play Work Mind
10:00 Play Work Mind
11:00 Play Work Mind
12:00 Sleep Work Mind
13:00 Sleep Mind Work
14:00 Play Mind Work
15:00 Play Mind Work
16:00 Play Mind Work
17:00 Play Mind Work
18:00 Play Mind Work
19:00 Play Mind Work
20:00 Sleep Rest Work
21:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
22:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep
23:00 Sleep Sleep Sleep

Maria said...

Yep, this works! While I wouldn't say that it is easy to manage throughout these working holidays and I wish there would be a uniform work/holiday schedule across jobs and schools, this is manageable as Katrina beautifully demonstrated. 5th puzzle point for her.

Lynnet said...

all three go to sleep at the same time.
mom and dad wake up after 8 hrs of sleep.
16 hrs left in the day.
mom watches kid for 8 hours while dad works for 8 hours.
8 hours left in the day.
then, dad watches kid for remaining 8 hours while mom works for 8 hours.

child's sleep schedule is irrelevant.

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