Friday, May 14, 2010

Why "Nine" is "Nine?"

I watched the movie “Nine” recently, with Daniel Day-Lewis and many amazing actresses. The story is very simple but the movie is worth watching just to enjoy all the beauty on the screen. However, I wonder why it is called “Nine?”

As a second part of this puzzle, I challenge you to recall movies that have digits from one to eight in their titles.

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Katrina said...

The number Nine refers to Fellini's 8 1/2, which was his ninth movie (he directed 7 on his own and co-directed one other). Also, the number 9 refers to the age young Guido is in the flashback (according to IMDB).

_One_ Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Mirror Has _Two_ Faces
_Three_ Men and a Baby
_Four_ Weddings and a Funeral
9 to _5_
_Six_ Days, Seven Nights
_8 1/2_
_9_ The one with the little sock like creatures
_3:10_ to Yuma

Dennis said...

Not to disagree with my wife (Katrina), while I give her the explaination for "Nine", I respectfully disagree with her second answer. The question says "digits", and she included titles with spelled numbers - words. A *BETTER* list would be:

(1): 10 things I hate about you
(2): 102 Dalmations
(3): The 13th Warrior
(4): 48 Hrs
(5): 50 First Dates
(6): Gone in 60 seconds
(7): Se7en
(8): 8 Mile

and although the question only asked 1-8, I give you as a bonus -

(9): 9 1/2 Weeks


Maria said...

Wow -you are a husband and a wife puzzle pro team and you definitely like movies!
We are getting an interesting gang here for some kind of "Lost in Puzzles" show. Shall we shoot it in Hawaii? sell it to Oprah channel? I look forward to making a puzzle about both of you when either of you gets ten points. Meanwhile, to keep peace in your family, I think each of you deserves a puzzle point.

Did you like "Nine", by the way?

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