Thursday, May 6, 2010

Designing a Soccer Skirt

Illustration by Mike Baker

My four year old neighbor was strolling along the street wearing an interesting combination of a long flower girl dress and sneakers. I remember how back in my youth in Russia, we used to make fun of this very American style mix. But then I grew up, and moved here. I am trying to be so many things at once and be in so many places at once that I also could be spotted in a very oxymoron combination like sandals, sport leggings and a wide sun hat.

But let's get back to my wonderful little neighbor. Her parents told me that she is wearing sneakers because she had been playing soccer at school earlier. Soccer in this long flower dress??? Yep!

So, what do you think about playing soccer in a dress? How long should the dress be so that it won't be dangerous? Above the knee? Knee high? How wide should be the bottom so that one could run in this dress? Is there any relationship between width and length that would allow optimal mobility and safety?

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Tom said...

Sunday already, and the soccer skirt has not drawn any answers? Possibly there is not a math answer, but let's consider... Probably not much longer (lower) than the knee, if longer at all. And as for width, it should be plenty loose over the upper leg, and even a Little Loose in the hips, yes?

What's the problem? Only modesty, I think, or stylishness. I'm thinking maybe something pleated, like a kilt. Show the knees. The skirt's not the issue, it's the underwear.

But if there's to be a "relationship" between width and length, I just don't know. Are we looking for some sort of triangle, with a ratio between the base and height? tom

Maria said...

What do you think of this skirt math idea:
Click to open the image

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