Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tile Adventures - Continued

We are doing renovations at home and a few weeks ago I posted a puzzle about the number of tiles we should buy. We planned on using two sizes of the same tile: 6"x6" and 12"x12" in the pattern depicted below:

With your help, I calculated the number of tile boxes to order; the tiles arrived; we proudly showed them to our contractor; and he said: "That's not good. The pattern is not going to work."
We ended up with a slightly different pattern that I copied from Lowe's bathrooms. Here are our new tiles (still without the grout). Can you guess why we couldn't use the original pattern as planned?

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Anonymous said...

Grout, I think, is the problem. Not sure I know enough about tile jobs tho. But if the small tiles actually are 4x4, and if the grout is, say, 1/4 inch, there's not room for the extra 1/4 inch across the small tiles. Tom

Maria said...

Right on, Tom!
Where exactly were you a few weeks ago when we discussed the layout? :) From now on, I'll make sure to consult with you first on any new renovation matters.

Anonymous said...

Maria, I thought I did submit an answer and got it partly right, but was also late. No problem. Tom

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