Friday, March 26, 2010

Who is tetractys?

Cast your votes below. Explain them in the comment section. Person who will provide the best explanation (and the correct one), will get a puzzle point.


Anonymous said...

Wait now, keep the spellling consistant! Tom

Maria said...

You are right! Every time when I translate from Greek, I make this mistake :)
fixed. the official name is Tetractys

Claire said...

For those who didn't cheat, good for you... but I'm posting my explaination. Tetractys is a triangle with "mystical qualities" thought to represent earth, air, fire and water... its the triangle with ten points arranged in 4 rows - one on top,2 on the second, three on the third and four on the bottom... but no points for me b/c I cheated and used wikipedia.

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