Friday, March 19, 2010

Weigh, then Steal and Kill

Hollywood producer of a new "Steal and Kill" movie noticed that nine golden bricks and eleven silver bricks weigh the same. However, when he took one golden and one silver brick from their piles and switched them placing silver brick into gold pile and gold brick into silver pile, golden pile became lighter. In fact, he had to add his iPhone to the gold pile to make it weigh the same as silver. What is the weight of each, golden and silver bricks? Assume iPhone is 133 g.

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Anonymous said...

g = gold brick, s = silver brick

9g = 11s -> g = (11/9)s
8g + 1s + 133 = 10s + 1g

133 = 9s - 7g
133 = 9s - 7 (11/9)s
133 = s [(81/9) - (77/9)]
133 = s [4/9]
s = 299.25

g = (11/9)s = (11/9)*299.25
g = 365.75

- Rachel T

Maria said...

Rachel T. - so good to have you back in the marathon. What an excellent step-by-step solution.
Kim - beware: while Alin has disappeared somewhere, Rachel T is your very serious competitor.

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