Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saints' T-shirt or Mini-dress

My son is growing up an inch every season of the year while the T-shirts I buy for him shrink approximately an inch every season during washing and drying. When will he fit into this over-sized Saints' shirt a friend brought to him from New Orleans? The shirt is five inches too long for him now and looks like a minidress. Will he be able to enjoy it before the next Superbowl?

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RA said...

Your son is growing 2 inches "relatively" every season. So, it should take him 2 and a half season for the shirt to fit.

Maria said...

Interestingly enough, this is one of the possible solutions. Can you find another?

Maria said...

Shall I reveal the second solution now?
If the Saints shirt is too long for him now, chances are he is not wearing it. So it is not getting washed and dried and therefore not shrinking by 1 inch. So, the only thing that is approaching my son to wearing this T-shirt is his 1 inch grows every season. As T-shirt is five inches too long, it will take five seasons until it will fit perfectly. More than a year.
Go Saints in 2011 !

Anonymous said...

Some of your son's growth is probably in his legs--and that growth won't do much for the fit of a T-shirt. Should we say his torso grows 1/2 inch per season?

Maria said...

This is a very interesting point.
Then what do we have? 10 more seasons? 2.5 years?
I should start washing this shirt in boiling water every week.

Anonymous said...

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