Thursday, March 4, 2010

Parking Dilemma

I went to a meeting in downtown Boston and parked in the Prudential Center garage. Parking rates are very expensive:
0 to 1 Hour $9.00
1 to 1.5 Hours $18.00
1.5 to 2 Hours $27.00
2 to 10 Hours $35.00
However, they also have discounted rates with a $10.00 purchase from any store, restaurant, cart or kiosk in the shops at Prudential Center, which are:
Up to 4 Hours $12.00
4 to 5 Hours $20.00

Returning to my car 3.5 hours after the entry, without validation, I was contemplating whether to get out as soon as possible or spend another half-an-hour or so buying something that I don't really need so that I will get a discount rate.

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Unknown said...

Yes. Bookstore giftcard.

Dave said...

No, you'll be buying something you don't need in order to save $13 if you're quick and get out by 4 hours or save only $5 if it takes longer than 4 hours and you still end up with an item you don't need!

Maria said...

I lean to agree with Phil.
Except that instead of the book store gift card I have been thinking of a cup of coffee, a pastry and a coffee mug (to get to $10 and be qualified for the discount rate.
Then, you pay $20 for parking + $10 for goods = $30, less than a $35 standard parking rate if you leave asap.

Book store gift card is a great idea, but you need to make sure recipient doesn't need to go to the store to use it. Otherwise, we will end up with another puzzle.

But I also see Dave's point of cluttering our lives with yet another piece we don't need and spending 30 extra minutes on it. All to save $5!

As Phil's solution is mathematically valid and he was first, I award his the puzzle point.

To the Prudential Center vendors - it looks like you can offer some pre-packed $10 universal items on the way to the elevators. Such as Milk+bread+eggs combination or latest how-to-save-your-time bestseller.

Maria said...

Vera posted the following comment for this puzzle on The Math Mom's Facebook page:

Great challenge. I faced similar dilemma in San Francisco one day in January after a job interview. I parked at one of the street parking lots across from the Ferry Building and my parking ticket was pretty expensive. I don't remember exact amounts but let's say $30. I was presented with a choice of going to the Ferry building and validating it at ... See Moreone of the many merchants in the building. I've selected option #2 and managed to spend extra $$ on a very nice lunch. So even though i may have saved $8 on parking i did spend another 26 on lunch. So i would have been better off leaving the lot.

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