Friday, March 19, 2010

All This Fat

How much fat do you consume when you drink a glass of 2% milk and eat a fat free toasted English muffin with a piece (25 gram) of 91% fat free cheese? What if you choose a fat free milk but go for a bite of your favorite 30% fat Brie?

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Anfisa said...

Glass of milk is ~250 g. 250*0.02 = 5 g of fat.
9% of fat in 25 g = 25*0.09=1.75 g of fat.
All together = 6.75 g

if 1 bite of brie is 10g. 10* 0.3 = 3 g of fat. fat free is 0 g of fat.

So it is better to eat 1 bite of brie and skip milk completely.

Maria said...

Anfisa, this is very impressive!
To be honest, I was surprised with this answer. Whenever I see a piece of soft brie, I immediately imagine it transformed into an equally sized piece of fat on some part of my body that does not require any more enlargement. I was wrong!

Anfisa said...

I just love brie. Real question that was not answered how to stop after eating just 1 bite of brie? That is puzzle!

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