Thursday, February 4, 2010

When More is Less

I can not believe that I made the same mistake twice! My friend really likes the one particular brand of European hand cream and I have always been bringing this cream for her from abroad. I buy it at the Duty Free shop, put in my hand luggage and bring with me to the US. Usually there is a larger tube (150 ml) with extra 50% of this cream being free. And sometimes there is a set of three of such creams for the price of two at the Duty Free store.

I always go for the best deal. This unfortunately, did not do any good in the last two trips. Both times my trips included a stop-over, where my present-intended hand cream has been appropriated by the airport security as being above the allowed 100 ml amount. I wished I could give these free 50% extra back, turning the tube into a 100 ml volume. I blamed myself for being greedy, for forgetting about the new hand luggage rules, for not thinking forward. I blamed airport security and the Duty Free store. And still, year after year, in the frenzy and excitement of air travel, DutyFree shopping and enticing sale offers, I have been making the same mistake again... Going for more, I was left with less, or more precisely - no cream at all.

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