Friday, February 19, 2010

Vancouver Olympic Podium

Do you think the first place podium at the Vancouver Olympics is as much higher than the second, as second place podium higher than the third?

A recent scientific research demonstrated that people that won bronze on average are much happier about their award than people that won silver. Do you think podium height may have something to do with that?

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Anonymous said...

I think the people who got silver are frustrated they did not get gold. The people who got bronze are happy just to get a medal so they are happy. I don't think the height per se has anything to do with it as on the actual podium, silver and bronze are the same height. Gold is the only one that is actually higher than the others.

Maria said...

Anonymous, feel free to sign your name below to get a puzzle point. You are absolutely right. Vancouver Olympics podium has the same (or almost the same) height stands for bronze and silver medalists. Click to see the image of the Vancouver Olympics Podium.

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