Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Puzzle

Three kids prepared beautiful Valentines at school. Each made the same amount. On Sunday morning they sneaked downstairs and decided to surprise their parents and other home inhabitants by preparing a breakfast. They arranged four adult plates around the table and each of the kids put the same amount of his or her Valentines next to each plate. After that each of the kids gave one Valentine to each of his siblings, and everyone in the house ended up with the same amount of Valentines.
How many Valentines kids made at school?

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Unknown said...

It seems to me that there are probably a lot of solutions to this problem depending on what you assume. For example, zero works just fine, but I suppose that that's not the point of this problem.

How about 21?

Each kid gives 1 Valentine to each plate setting, one to each of the other 2 kids, and keeps one for him/her self. Now everybody has 3.

Unknown said...

Each kid made 7. Each gave 1 each to 4 family members and 1 each to two siblings. Everyone ends up with 3.

Maria said...

You both are right. 7 Valentines each, 21 in total for 3 kids. Phil gets a puzzle point as he is first.
K K - you can try "More is Less" puzzle that is still open for ideas.

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