Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Magical Year

I remember watching a romantic movie where a young couple was sitting across from each other on a beach on New Year's eve. The guy took a stick and scribbled the number of the upcoming year on the sand between them. The fireworks followed, and the camera slowly zoomed out and spinned and we saw that the year appears the same for both, young woman and her lover. What was the year?

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Alin Grin said...


Maria said...

Yes, that was the year he scribbled...

My husband is adding that it might as well have been a year 1881 or 1111, but it would not be so romantic... Right?

Kim said...

I was going to post that... I mean, it could have been 1691, too. But I thought fireworks hadn't been around that long. But I just checked, and we believe they were invented about 2000 years ago... So there are lots of possible answers!

W said...

1551 ? With the 5 in a blocky font?

Maria said...

Shauna and Patrick wrote to me:

We believe the answer to The Magical Year is 1961.

And they are absolutely right. Sorry I could not give you a puzzle point, but new puzzles are posted daily. Who answers them first correctly gets listed on the right here.

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