Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In a hurry to unpack?

I was so happy when all our four suitcases got lost on a return from vacation. No hurry to unpack, shelve or wash all the clothes. We can first take care of the accumulated bills, holiday greeting cards and catalogs, settle back into our lives, deal with the jet lag and then... as in all the previous cases, suitcases will surface up in a few weeks. But all four of them surprisingly showed up on our doorsteps the morning after we arrived.

What shall I do? Unpack one every day; take a day off or wait till the weekend and and unpack all of them at once; unpack stuff as we need it - one item at a time; or unpack more and more every day as the jet lag slowly disappears and I can keep myself awake later.

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Anonymous said...

Unpack all at once immediately upon return home - how possibly you can even think of any other option? Wait for day off? My wife will kill me and hide the body in one of the unpacked suitcases... Sasha

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