Monday, December 14, 2009

A Gelt Puzzle

During this week's Hanukkah celebration kids were playing dreidel game with chocolate coins. Some of the coins were wrapped in aa silver color paper, some bronse, and some gold color. When grandmother (who bought all of these 120 coins) asked how many coins of each type kids had, their answers were pretty confusing. Ben said there are 30 silver and 50 bronse coins. Ariel counted 30 gold and 50 bronse, and Ilana 40 gold and 30 silver. How many coins of each type were there, if we know that only one of these kids is old enough to be trusted to count correctly, each of the others made at least one mistake.

Enter your answer on our Family Puzzle Marathon page. Solve three and get a prize!


Kim said...

If Ben were always right, then Ilana would be wrong on silver and right on gold, Ariel would be right on bronze, wrong on gold - 50+50+40=140. So Ben's not the one always right.

If Ariel were always right, then we'd have 50 bronze, 30 gold and would take Ilana's 30 for silver =110 total. That's not it either.

So Ilana must always be right - Ben and Ariel would use up their wrong picks with Silver and Gold, and both would have to be right on bronze. That gives you 120 total - 30 silver, 40 gold and 50 bronze.

Maria said...

Kim is unbeatable!
Alin beware.

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