Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Table

Around the Thanksgiving table were seated: two fathers and their two sons, two mothers with their son and daughter, one grandmother, one grandfather, one grandson and a 5 year old granddaughter. According to a family tradition, everyone raised one toast to everything he is thankful for. What is the minimum amount of toasts that may have been heard at this table?

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Claire said...

6 is the smallest amount...
Grandma and Grandpa
Mom and Dad
Boy and girl

Maria said...

I agree with Claire. Don't see this group being any smaller. 5th puzzle for Claire!
New puzzle, featuring real political figures and events, is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

The answer is three. Grandpa is a father, dad is a father and a son, that leaves one child.

Anonymous said...

6 people
1 grandfather, 1 father (his son), 1 grandson
1 grandmother, 1 mother (her daughter), 1 granddaughter

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