Sunday, November 1, 2009

Classmates dot com

Two high school sweethearts find each other through the website. Woman tells that she has three children now, the product of their age is 72. Men is nervous to know the ages of the children and demands more information joking that they may be 1, 1 and 72. Then woman offers another clue - a sum of her kids ages. Men says that this is still not enough. "Ok, admits woman, my youngest likes chess." That does the trick and men is relived. Why?

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Kim said...

There are a number of combinations of three children whose ages would multiply to 72 (72=2*2*2*3*3). Of these (9,4,2; 6,6,2; 2,2,18; 3,3,8; 3,6,4; 3,2,12; 1,3,24; 1,8,9; 1,2,36; 1,6,12; 1,1,72 :-) there are only two that add to the same sum - and these are 6,6,2 and 3,3,8.

Although there is always a youngest, even with twins, I'm going to assume the gentleman assumed that "the youngest" would mean a single child at one age -- so he's relieved not to have to deal with 3 year old twins!

The three kids are 6, 6 and 2 (though this seems a little young to already be into chess!)

Maria said...

Very true.
Instead of chess we should probably have something more appropriate for a 2 year old.
But you got the clue - ruling out the 3,3,8 answer. I was assuming that the men would be relieved to hear that the oldest child is younger than 8. It may have been 9 years since they last saw each other....

Kim gets her 10th point and is about to be surprised by seeing herself in a puzzle any day now.

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