Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HR Quiz

You want to hire a temporary employee for one month. You offer him reasonable wages, but the employee suggests an alternative. For the first day of work, he will be paid a penny. For the second, two pennies. For the third, four pennies. The salary for each subsequent day will be double the previous day's, until the one month term is over. Ignoring the legalities of such a situation, would it be a good idea to accept the potential employee's proposal?

(this great puzzle is from World's Best Logic Puzzles book by Seven Treasures Pub.)

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prluhmann said...

It would be a terrible idea. It would be nice in the beginning -- by day 10, he would only get 5.12 a day. But by day 20, he's making over 5,000 per day, and over 5 million per day by day 30! Altogether, he would make over 10 mm for 30 days. Now, it would be a very good idea to hire this person, who is obviously very intelligent for suggesting this pay scheme, but hire him at a reasonable wage!

Maria said...

Great answer!
We have some new strong players in the field. prluhmann scores a second point.

New puzzle, from my son's 4th grade homework, will be posted tomorrow.

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