Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diet Ups and Downs

A woman has been on a diet for a year. In the first month she managed to loose 5% of her weight. In the following 6 months she discovered the heavenly Nutella spread and unable to say "No" to it, gained 5% of her weight. Is she back to where she started?

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Alin Grin said...

She will still be %0.25 less than the weight she started with.

Maria said...

How many of you bought Nutella today, reminded of its heavenly taste? I did! Nutella, Dulche-de-leche, Fluff - life could not get any better. I think Alin did as well, as his answer suspiciously lacks the explanation and looks like empirical :) But we count it in anyway as he is right.

Say woman's weight was 100 pounds to start with. After loosing 5% she is down to 95 pounds. Now, she is gaining 5% but not from the original weight of 100, rather from the new weight of 95.

She is now 105 * 95 / 100 = 99.75 pounds
just a bit less than she started from.

Anonymous said...

Yes or no because she might have not been able to lose any more weight so yes but she might have lost more than 5% in the 6 months.

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