Friday, August 7, 2009

Outlet Mall vs DWR

A wife returned home after spending 6 hours at the outlet mall.
She was holding three bags.
"What's the damage?" curiously inquired her husband.
"Well, the content of the third bag is worth $100. The first one is worth the price of the third bag plus half the price of the second bag. The second bag is worth the combined content of the first and the third bags," elaborated the wife.
"Funny thing" - said the husband. "I just spent the same online in Design Within Reach in just 6 mins."
How much did they spent?

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Alin Grin said...


a=300 b=400 c=100

total amount the wife spent: $800
total amount the couple spent: $1600

Maria said...

You are fast!
Very impressive.

The rest of the puzzle solvers seem to went shopping :)

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