Friday, August 14, 2009

A Great Detective Puzzle

The Great Detective, a well-know puzzle solver Rachel T, was investigating a murder. The millionaire had died mysteriously, and his nephew, the chief suspect, had now come up with a will dated only a week earlier, which left everything to him. The Great Detective asked, "And just where did you find this new will?"
The nephew replied, "I was sitting in the library, mourning my uncle, when I noticed on his desk a book opened facedown. I picked it up and there, between pages three and four, was this new will. He must have had written the will, had it witnessed by two strangers so that nobody would know, and been murdered shortly thereafter."

"Arrest that man immediately," said the Great Detective Rachel T. How did she know the story wasn't true? (this puzzle is from the book by Abbie Salny)

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Barry said...

I had to read it a few times, but I think I got it - pages 3 and 4 are on different sides of the same piece of paper, so the will couldn't be between those pages. Not sure if that's enough evidence to arrest the nephew, but...

Maria said...

You are absolutely right!
The beauty of these puzzle is in its simplicity.
Nothing could be stored between odd and subsequent even pages of the book. So, the nephew is obviously lying about seeing the will fall out of pages 3 and 4. As nephew is already a chief suspect, this lie warrants his arrest.

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