Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spaghetti Pool

Do you think one pound of spaghetti pasta arranged in a thin line would be enough to mark the perimeter of a 50 yard pool?


Kalonni said...

It would depend on the length of the spaghetti. However, it would be much more likely to work if the spaghetti was cooked first, as each strand would be longer...

Maria said...

Anyone is cooking spaghetti today. What is the length of one cooked strand?

Jessica Mann said...

Well i would say that an average strand of spaghetti is about a foot long. But to find out how many strands are in a pound is another problem since the question does not specify the size of pasta. If it is regular or thin would make a difference.Using the thin spaghetti (thats all i had) I found that 1 two-once serving had 108 pieces given that the box had 8 servings i figured that the whole pound had approximatly 800 pieces in it. then using the legnth of 1 foot. I came up with the the spaghetti if lined up would reach 266 yards which is well over the needed 50 yards.

Maria said...

Very impressive, Jessica!
Who would assume that one pound of spaghetti is enough to mark a whole 50 yard length pool.
You have one puzzle down, two more to go to get a prize.
A box of spaghetti that I have at home have only around 350 strands, your spaghetti must be much thinner. But even 350 feet is 116 yards that may be enough, depending on the width of the pool.

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