Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Produce

5 pounds of summer squash and 2 pounds of strawberries cost $10.
2 pounds of summer squash and 5 pounds of strawberries cost $11.
How much would you pay for 1 pound of summer squash and 1 pound of strawberries?


Lauren said...

5x+2y=10 2x+5y=11 x=the cost of squash y=the cost of strawberries x=$1.67 y=$1.33

Anonymous said...

5x + 2y = 10
2x + 5y = 11
7x + 7y = 17
x + y = $2.43

Maria said...

Both solutions are right, except that Anonymous made a small mistake: 10+11=21
so 7x + 7y = 21
and x+ y = 3
squash and strawberries together would cost $3
Lauren is the first to answer correctly and gets a point.

Maria said...

Lauren, please let us know the first letter of your last name. I am not sure whether we have one Lauren who solved two puzzles or two Laurens that solved one puzzle each.

Anonymous - feel free to write your name at the bottom of the solution. This way, with 3 correctly solved puzzles, you will receive a prize.

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