Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day puzzle

A grandmother, a mother, and her daughter with a new baby went to a furniture shop and bought a new couch. Unfortunately, same day delivery was not available and they decided to transport the couch back to grandma's home themselves, in celebration of mothers' day. Their car could fit either up to 4 people or up to 2 people and a couch. At least 3 adults would be necessary to get the couch in and out of the car. Grandma was eager to get back home and start preparing the dinner. How many trips and in what configurations do they need to make in order to get everyone and a couch to a grandmother's house.


Anonymous said...

Trip 1:
Put couch in car, mother and grandmother go to house. Grandmother gets out, starts preparing dinner.
Trip 2: Mother and couch drive back to store.
Trip 3: Mother gets out, daughter and baby and couch drive to house. Daughter gives baby to grandmother.
Trip 4: Daughter and couch drive back to store, pick up mother
Trip 5: Daughter, mother and couch go home and finally remove the couch with Grandma's help.

Maria said...

That is absolutely right!
Dear anonymous, feel free to sign your name at the bottom, to get into best puzzle solvers list on the right.
We all have a lot of experience with similar funny situations and masterfully manage them on a daily basis. I just solved a real life puzzle that included after-school parallel playdates arrangement for two kids plus one car seat, minus dog phobia and plus two school notes.

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