Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bicycle thief

Alan, Bill, and Charlie were being questioned by the police about the theft of a bicycle. Alan said that Bill had stolen it; Bill said that he was innocent; Charlie said that he was not the thief. The police's lie detector showed that only one of the three was telling the truth - both the others were lying. So who stole the bicycle? (from the Logic Puzzles by the Diagram Group)


Amy said...

Not sure if this is correct but this is the answer that I came up with. Bill is telling the truth. He is innocent. Which means that Allan was lying and in order for Charlie to be lying, then that would mean that Charlie was the thief.

Maria said...

Amy, you would make a great detective, if you do not happen to be one already.

Amy said...

LOL, thanks. My husband is so I guess by him talking about work, I kind of picked up on things.

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