Friday, April 10, 2009

Alphabet Jogging

Here is a puzzle my son just told me:

Imagine that all the letters of the alphabet are towns situated on a straight line, with a distance 1 miles between each two neighboring towns. A - (1 mile to) - B - (1 mile to) - C - (1 mile to) .... (1 mile to) - Z. Now, imagine you are jogging in the following interesting pattern:

  • you start from A and jog to B, then return back to A

  • you continue from A to C, then return back to A

  • you do this for each subsequent letter of the alphabet, finishing with a sprint from A to Z and back.

What is the total distance of your jog?


Ola Mayer said...


Maria said...

Please explain.
We were just solving it all together in the car and got 650. Who is right?

Amy said...

(25 X 25)+ 25 = 650 miles jogged

Maria said...

Welcome to the Puzzle Marathon, Amy and Ola - we have not seen you here before. Please check new puzzles daily and do not be afraid to make mistakes or pinpoint my mistakes.
Amy is right - 650 is the answer.
Your jog would go as this:
2 miles from A to B and back,
4 miles from A to C and back,
50 miles from A to Z and back.
Total distance would be:
2 + 4 + 6 + ... + 50
This sum is (2 + 50) / 2 x 25 = 26 x 25 = 650

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